Abu Garcia Veritas Review – Is It A Good Fishing Pole?

The Abu Garcia Veritas is one of those fishing poles that is going to make you look twice. It’s aesthetically pleasing, uniquely designed, and offers a respectable set of features on paper.

However, is it valuable while out in the water looking to make a big catch?

This in-depth review is going to assess the features of this fishing pole, its pros, and its cons before offering a final verdict.


1) Powerlux Nano Resin Design

Let’s start with the Powerlux nano resin design because this is what creates the outlet layer of the fishing pole. This resin is essential in making sure the fishing pole does well when interacting with the various elements and continues to age gracefully.

If you want something strong, easy to use, and built to last then it is this design that is the reason for the fishing pole doing well.

2) Sublayer Armor

Durability is one of those details this brand has thought about repeatedly throughout the design process. It’s evident from top to bottom indicating the value of a high-grade armor that is built to last.

Due to the sublayer armor, this fishing pole can sustain a tremendous amount of duress and pressure without breaking down or even making a peep.

3) Robotically Optimized Casting System

The casting system is essential when out in the water looking to catch fish. With the ROCS or robotically optimized casting system, the emphasis is on automating certain elements of the fishing experience to make sure it leads to successful results. This is invigorating, unique, and perfect for new-age sessions.

4) Up Locking Ratcheting Reel Seat

The reel seat has been designed in a way to optimize your fishing experience. It’s sensitive, responsive, and works well in all types of situations due to how it has been integrated with the rest of the fishing pole. It’s this seamless design that adds value to what the Abu Garcia Veritas is all about as a fishing pole.

Abu Garcia Veritas at the lake


1) Lightweight

Going with a lightweight fishing pole is a must.

You are never going to want to be stuck in a situation where the fishing pole dictates how your experience unfolds. This happens when the fishing pole is lopsided in terms of weight and tends to lean towards the water as soon as you hook onto something.

This is not only unsafe, but it is also an unappealing feeling for those who want to do well while fishing. In this regard, the Abu Garcia Veritas is a winner from top to bottom. It’s about as lightweight and responsive as a fishing pole can be.

2) Easy to Use

Simplicity is what makes this fishing pole shine because it does well as soon as you start learning how to fish.

Remember, a lot of people are beginners, which is why this is a great fishing pole. It’s not only ideal for advanced users but also those who are just getting their feet wet for the first time. You are going to enjoy having this as a tool while fishing.

3) Excellent Durability

Durability is never in question due to the resin and armor. It is built with some of the finest materials in the fishing industry and you are never going to have to worry about it breaking down on you.

It can handle rigorous use and continue to do well at the same time.

4) Ideal for Different Conditions

Let’s assume you are fishing in different conditions throughout the year and don’t want a fishing pole that only does well in the summer months.

In this regard, the Abu Garcia Veritas is a masterpiece because they have thought about these details in advance. You can easily maintain the same performance in different conditions and feel good about how the pole is going to age at the same time.

It is robust, responsive, and perfectly balanced in all conditions making it a joy to use.

Up close picture of the Abu Garcia Veritas


1) Stiff in the Beginning

The main concern has to do with stiffness but this only lasts for a few sessions. After a while, it is going to ease up as the components loosen and begin to respond to your needs.

This is something you may experience here and there, but it’s not going to get in the way of your fishing experience at all.

Final Thoughts

Due to its lightweight, durable design, this is a world-class fishing pole you need to have by your side. The heightened sensitivity is impressive while out in the water trying to make a big catch.

With the up locking ratcheting reel seat, you get enough control to handle choppy situations and it remains a breath of fresh air when under duress.

If you want a competent fishing pole that’s in line with new-age standards then this is the way to go.